Description: An overview the Monfox product suites for SNMP, TL1 and CMIP network management.
Monfox: CMIP, SNMP, and TL1 Software Products
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Monfox is an industry leader at providing Java based network management protocol tools and toolkits which facilitate the development of advanced Network Management System (NMS) software. The Monfox product suite is specifically tailored to meet the demands of communications companies in today's competitive marketplace.

The Monfox product line is composed of the following four protocol specific software development product suites:

  - SNMP Java Developer Suite
  - TL1 Java Developer Suite
  - CMIP Java Developer Suite
  - OSI Java Stack SDK
  - IEC61850/MMS Java Product Suite

See the product pages for details on each product line or view the product information below.


  Network Management Software Development Kits (SDKs)

The Monfox network management toolkits provide high level Java API support for the common network management protocols. These toolkits may be used to develop manager, agent, protocol mediation and north bound interface applications. The following Java Software Developer Kits are currently offered:

  - SNMP Java Manager Toolkit
  - SNMP Java Agent Toolkit
  - TL1 Java Manager Toolkit
  - TL1 Java Agent Toolkit
  - CMIP Java Manager Toolkit
  - CMIP Java Agent Toolkit

  OSI Protocol Stack SDKs

The Monfox OSI protocol stacks SDKs provide high level Java API support for the OSI based protocol software development. These stacks may be used to develop client/manager, server/agent and protocol mediation applications. The following Java OSI Software Developer Kits are currently offered:

  - ASN.1, OSI and RFC1006 Java API
  - MMS/IEC 61850 Java API
  - ASN.1 Java ASN.1 Compiler and API

  SmartGridware IEC61850 Product Suite

The SmartGridware™ Java IEC61850 Product Suite provides the utility sector with the tools needed to develop IEC61850 applications using the latest Java technology.

With high level API support for both client and server 61850/MMS application development, the SmartGridware™ products are exactly what you need for the quick and easy development of IEC61850 applications for MMS. Please see the following link for more information:
  - IEC61850/MMS Java API


  CMIP Electronic Bonding Development Suite

The Monfox DynamicTMN® eBonding/TA Developer Suite provides the APIs, developer tools and simulators needed to develop Manager Gateway and Agent Gateway Electronic Bonding solutions for Trouble Administration (EBTA) and Mechanized Loop Test (MLT).

  - EBTA/MLT Simulator

  Protocol Agent Simulation Tools

The Monfox agent simulation products provide a generic framework for the generation of data driven agent simulators for use in development, system verification and network simulation.

  - TL1 Agent Simulation Kit
  - TL1 Agent Replicator
  - SNMP Agent Simulation Kit
  - CMIP Agent Simulation Kit
  - EBTA Agent Simulator

  Graphical User Applications

Monfox provides a variey of graphical information browsers for viewing both static data definitions as well as live network data.

  - TL1 GUI Messaging Tool
  - CMIS GUI MIT Browser
  - GDMO/ASN.1 Browser

  TL1 Lightpath Applications

Monfox provides the following applications for use in deployment of User Controlled LightPath (UCLP) solutions:

  - Secure lightpath-aware TL1 firewall

  New Products and Features

Monfox is always in the process of enhancing and improving our existing products as well as developing new products to augment our overall product offering. For more information on products under development or to request additional product features, please contact us via email at or use our information request form.

  What makes the Monfox Products Unique?

  • 100% Java - Monfox provides Java based support for the common network management protocols. All protocol tools and toolkits are written entirely in Java. This allows the user to leverage the benefits of Java such as platform independence, short development cycles, ease of deployment, etc.

  • Standards Based - Monfox products are implemented in accordance with the all of the applicable standards. Whether you are developing a CMIP Element Manager (EM), an SNMP Agent or a TL1 North Bound Interface (NBI) you can be sure that the Monfox products will provide you the highest level of standards compliance available.

  • Telecommunications Grade - The Monfox product suite is implemented to the high standards of performance, stability and reliability required by the telecommunications industry.

  • Rapid Development - The Monfox Toolkits are designed to simplify the application development process and shorten development cycles. By providing easy-to-use APIs and simple development tools, Monfox minimizes the developer 'ramp-up' time and overall development time required to implement complex management applications.

  • Developer Oriented - The designers at Monfox have used their combined experience in network management in order to maximize the utility of the Monfox toolkits to the application developer. Through the use of high-level APIs and extensible component technologies, the Monfox toolkits relieve developers of the mundane tasks associated with network managemenent protocols and allow them to concentrate on the application itself. By providing both low and high level APIs as well as metadata oriented information modeling, the Monfox toolkits allow engineers to rapidly develop applications which are dynamic, extensible and easily maintained.

  • World Class Support - Monfox's product support is unmatched in the industry. By providing a range of product support services which include one-on-one developer guidance, rapid turnaround on patches/updates, customer driven enhancements, customer specific release maintenance, custom releases, source code licensing and developer training, Monfox can deliver the level of support required for any project.

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